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Welcome to the Type Museum Society Campaign Wiki!


Thanks for your support!

This is the wiki for the Type Museum Society, devoted to saving the Type Museum in London from closure. You can read more about the Society's mission on the Notice, Press Pack and original Appeal pages. Other resources are linked from the Type Museum Society's main page. This wiki may prove most useful as a shared workspace and resource centre.


Next Meeting


Please publicise our cause by sharing this wiki with others. You can edit any page, including this one, just by clicking "Edit" above. New to Wikis? Try these resources:

  • WhatWikiIs: History and explanation.
  • WikiStyle: Fnd out how to edit wikis.
  • SandBox: Play around here to figure out how to edit wiki pages.


Type Museum Society Google Group

Fill in the form below to keep up with the latest support for the Type Museum Society Campaign. Please don't be scared off by the Are you over eighteen? Question - The scariest thing here is the thought of losing all that typographic treasure!! You will need to set up a googlemail account if you don't have one to use this group part of the log in process. The alternative is to become a member at the Google Group page but there we have to invite everyone individually - ask if thats what you prefer by email to typemuseumsociety@gmail.com


Google Groups Subscribe to TypeMuseumSociety
Browse Archives at groups.google.com



Possible model for our constitution!

Suggested by one of our supporters: Could supporters with a legal sense have a look through it and pass any comments on it's suitability to typemuseumsociety@gmail.com




Please help us by reporting broken links etc to typemuseumsociety@gmail.com thank you.


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