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Type Museum Closure ! - Appeal

The trustees of the Type Museum have taken the decision this week to CLOSE the museum due to lack of funding.

These unique collections <http://www.typemuseum.org/> spanning the evolution of type design and manufacture may be split up and the majority put into storage - unlikely to see the light of day again.

You are receiving this email because you have previously expressed your interest in, and support for the Type Museum. We need your help urgently if we are save the Type Museum as a working resource for the future.


A meeting began the Type Museum Society campaign to ensure a working future for the collections on Wednesday 24th May

at the Type Museum

100 Hackford Road London SW9 0QU

See the group site for the fuller report and follow up.


We need every kind of active support if we are to succeed.

If you are able to express your support, get involved, or have any other time, ideas (or money!) to

offer please let us know at: typemuseumsociety@gmail.com>

Thank you in anticipation

Tim Martin

for the Type Museum Society




Type Museum Closure ! - Meeting 24.05.2006

Forty people came to the meeting last night despite the wind and rain.

Many more apologies were received with pledges of support - a board was

filled with just a small part of the email messages. A report on the

situation as it appears to supporters and former staff of the Museum

was given and questions put and answered. What future the collections

face was discussed but there was uncertainty about the course of events

and timescale. It was agreed to seek further information from the

trustees. The central theme expressed was the objective to keep the

collections together and accessible. Support was expressed for widening

the publicity about the collections and their predicament. A further

meeting will take place in one week on Wednesday 31.05.06 at the Type

Museum at 18.30.


Type Museum Trustees Statement Release 2.June 06 23.14

The trustees of the Type Museum recognise the concern expressed among

its community of friends and well-wishers regarding the future of the

Museum, and wish to make it clear that, although it has been necessary

to close the Museum for legal reasons, the trustees, staff and other

responsible bodies all remain committed to the Museum's well-being.

Careful consideration of the issues involved takes place continuously

as part of the normal activities of the Museum. Because these

discussions are continuing, it is not possible to determine the

specific resolution to which they will come. Until the completion of

these discussions, any conclusions drawn by those not taking part are

necessarily premature and speculative, and could be prejudicial to

their outcome.

The trustees welcome the present public interest in the Museum and

acknowledges the depth of support elicited, but they also hope that

credence will be reserved for those officially appointed and legally

entrusted with the duty of safeguarding and preserving the Museum and

its collections.

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